The Edgar A. Mearns Bird Club


The Edgar A. Mearns Bird Club of Orange County, NY,

was founded in 1957 and is named after the naturalist

Edgar A. Mearns, who was born in Highland Falls

in 1856. He was an Army surgeon and became a

naturalist associated with the Museum of Natural History.

He was asked to join Teddy Roosevelt’s expedition to           E. A. Mearns/Wikipedia

Africa in 1909. He had extensive records of the birds and

fauna of the area. He died in Washington DC in 1916 and is buried on an island in the middle of the Potomac River outside of Washington.

The Edgar A. Mearns Bird Club is a birding club that visits areas in and around Orange County, NY, for the purpose of observing birds made possible through weekly scheduled field trips. The club holds monthly business meetings followed by a presentation on bird habitat and ecology. The club participates in the statewide Christmas bird count in support of the National Audubon Society. The club also participates in the winter waterfowl count for Orange County and is a partner member of the New York State Young Birders Club. Club members are integral participants of the Mount Peter and Bear Mountain hawk watches.


Welcome to the Edgar A. Mearns Bird Club

Clockwise from upper left: Pink-Footed Goose in Middletown, NY; mating Mississippi Kites in Sterling Forest; Lawrence’s Warbler on Mine Torn Road, West Point; and Long-Eared Owls in Pine Island. Photos by Jeff Goulding.

Club members at Hickok Brook, Sullivan County, looking at thrushes and resident warblers in early June. Photo by Dave Baker.

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